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To expose your brand in the most accurate and readable way should be definitely your prerogative. We put it into practice for you.

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The focus of our attention. We design and manufacture only to get you to the top success, we share it as a goal.


They say: “we have been on the field for countless years”. We really are. We are very lucky to have wonderful customers, just like you.

Straight Ahead

Your concept will be revealed by team like a fashion designer creates an absolutely perfect and unique dress for a model.

Where are You going to expose?

Fairs & trade exhibitions

Experimentation and research in materials colours, shape and style: Nicola Sarti Lab design creates and assembly fair booths and temporary stands for any type of customer or brand. Our goal is to achieve the right product-image synergy. The strong customizing will be even more authentic with the objects from every era, collected and jealously kept in our warehouses at your disposal.


Material treatments, craftsmanship and innovation are the required tools to recreate a true sensorial experience. The vintage and modern elements are the basis of a furnishing project that satisfies the extreme expectation of the "private customer" who calls for a unique interior design. The incredible artistry allow to customize the product by creating on post installations even for the most eclectic person.


A huge collection of objects, furnishings and sets are available to be hired, used as a stage. Showcases with mannequins, objects and accessories from every era and place of the world. Our team plan, design and assembly for a visual merchandising window or to set up show-corners in business areas like hotels, malls etc.

“This job resides in my soul since I was a child. I remember when I was asking my little friends to my put in order all of the toys requiring to place them in line basing on the type of material, shape and colour they were made of! A straight instinct that was already taking shape back then. "
Nicola Sarti
Nicola Sarti
Creative Director

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We don’t do miracles, just work well done.


Fairs facilities “turnkey” delivery


Sit at your desk, logistics and organization is our job.


Showroom set-ups, fairs and shop windows. Let's find together the solution that suits you best.


We design and furnish exclusive spaces, temporary exhibitions and shops.


Rental of furniture and accessories and decorative objects for shop windows and photos.


If you believe in experience and competence, entrust your trade fair image to us.

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